The 5 Best Pinterest Niche Trends 2022

5 Pinterest Niche Trends

The 5 Best Pinterest Niche Trends 2022. Let’s dive into the main Pinterest niches, the most popular ones on the platform, and why they succeed so well.

If you’re not already using Pinterest to promote your business, you should be. In this post, we explore the top 5 niche trends that are going to dominate Pinterest in 2022 and help you start to plan your strategy for Pinterest marketing today.

The 5 Best Pinterest Niche Trends 2022 | fashion niche

The first niche to get super popular is fashion.

A big chunk of the fashion industry on Pinterest consists of people who love to look at clothing inspiration.

There are trends and popular niches for Pinterest, and the ones you’d like to tackle because they’ll perform well.

5 Pinterest Niche Trends | fashion niche

Trending Pinterest niches and the ones you want to tackle in your business because they can perform well on Pinterest.

If you’re just looking for inspiration, I’d recommend these outfits, season after season. You’ll see all kinds of great outfit ideas.

You can always add the word outfit to any season and any holiday.

Like back-to-school outfits, holiday outfits, winter outfits, summer outfits, you name it!

This is a trending pinboard.

If you’re going to use Pinterest to enhance your search engine optimization, then you must use Pinterest keywords that are related to your website content and the products.

If you don’t use keywords on Pinterest, you’re missing out on some traffic.

The 5 Best Pinterest Niche Trends 2022 | food niche

The second most popular Pinterest niche is the food and drinks niche. It’s a fun and creative way to connect with people who like what you like and to sell things.

The three categories under food are food, drink, and entertainment, and all of those are huge on Pinterest.

Have you ever looked up a recipe on this platform?

Definitely look at Pinterest for recipes. I’m sure you’ll find some that you’d like to try out.

If you’re a food blogger, you should be on Pinterest. You’ve got to be, or you’re seriously missing out on brand awareness, clicks to your website, and E-Box sales, and numerous other things.

5 Pinterest Niche Trends | food niche

Many of the most popular searches when it comes to the food niche look like dinner ideas, meal ideas, and meal prep ideas. Many summer lunch ideas can be found in the summertime.

Pumpkins, and Halloween food ideas are always popular in the fall. Every season has its own food that does trend. People are always looking for dinner ideas, lunch ideas, and breakfast ideas. It’s something that you can always depend on.

The 5 Best Pinterest Niche Trends 2022 | beauty niche

The third niche on Pinterest is the beauty niche. The most popular niches for Pinterest are fashion, DIY, home decor, fitness, food, and baby products.

With so many beauty creators and influencers, it’s no wonder that Pinterest has become one of the top-used social media platforms.

People keep looking up nail trends all the time, even though it seems like they change all the time.

People want nail inspiration. They want to get their nails done.

5 Pinterest Niche Trends | beauty niche

Their nails need ideas for what designs they want to show their nail artist.

If you’re in the beauty niche, you absolutely should start posting your beautiful nail designs and your nail videos on Pinterest.

I’m sure they’re going to do extremely well. As a matter of fact, many people who do nail designs are doing really well.

It’s a great staple, and a must-have item for anyone in the beauty niche.

The 5 Best Pinterest Niche Trends 2022| DIY niche

The fourth niche on Pinterest is that there are many different niches to focus on Pinterest. The Home Decor niche is one of the most popular ones. You don’t have to have any experience in these niches before trying to pin. Just start pinning images and watch the traffic come in!

Home is where we eat, so I grouped DIY projects under home decor, but that was a big home decor category during the pandemic.

Every person was not only DIY ing something but was redoing a part in their home.

That’s right, and if you’re in the home decor niche, you need to be on Pinterest.

5 Pinterest Niche Trends | DIY niche

If you’re not already familiar with it, you should really check out Etsy. It’s a fantastic space for home decor.

And that people will always remember.

Staple trends for the home decor niche are also always changing.

Some of these include bathroom remodels, kitchen decor ideas, living room remodels, and bedroom decor.

There are a lot of hot trends for this particular home decor niche on Pinterest that you can use as your own.

The 5 Best Pinterest Niche Trends 2022 | travel niche

The fifth niche that is popular on Pinterest is. The travel niche.

Every month they change. And so whatever you’re writing about when it comes to the travel niche, you should make sure you’re at least adding the travel staple keyword.

This travel guide will get you a ton of traffic from people searching for this keyword.

Travel bloggers can’t count on this kind of expertise as much as they can with other aspects of their travel writing.

You might be thinking why the three niches I just mentioned are the most popular on Pinterest. I’ll be honest, and it’s because of the trends tool on Pinterest. You can see which trends are popular by clicking on the Trends tool.

5 Pinterest Niche Trends | travel niche

You can see the top trends on Pinterest by visiting

You’ll need to be in the US, the UK, or Canada to see the Trends tool.

Some of the niches that are listed in the Trends tool are the most popular, but the niches on the Trend tool are more specific than the ones listed on the Trends page.

They’re the ones that have the best followers on Pinterest. Content creators who have these are the ones that have success with Pinterest.

So, believe it or not, using the trending Pinterest niches and their trending searches and the Trending tool should be a big part of your Pinterest strategy.


Conclusion; In this article we have identified the top 5 niche trends that will dominate Pinterest in 2022 and will help you get started with your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Have you ever looked up a recipe on this platform?

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Like back to school outfits, holiday outfits, winter outfits, summer outfits, you name it!

Just start pinning images and watch the traffic come in!


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