4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks

4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks

Learn how to do these tasks everyday so you can build a social media marketing business that makes money for you.

There’s a lot to do in the world of social media marketing. You need to create engaging content, manage your brand and community, and build a following. If you’re looking for a way to get started, or just want to brush up on your skills, this post is for you.

This article will share some daily tasks you can add to your checklist to become a better-organized content creator, protect your brand image, and improve your engagement rate.

You’ll learn why it’s important to have a checklist as a content creator. You’ll learn what daily tasks you can do to improve your content game.

You can use a daily checklist to remind yourself of recurring tasks and make sure you get them done in a timely manner.

You want to make sure you never forget something, so a checklist is a good way to accomplish that goal. It’s the same for a content creator.

For not only solopreneurs, social media managers, and content creators, but anyone who’s in charge of any social media activities of their business or company. I think you will benefit from such a checklist.

The way you deal with content will affect your daily tasks for various reasons.

For example, you could be writing a blog for your business or be employed to do so.

A part of your focus will be on finding appealing keywords and updating your existing posts, or you could be an ads manager and deal with setting up and measuring campaigns.

With all that being said, there will be quite a lot of overlap, so it’s worth it.

Once we start writing, we’ll start with the first task on our daily content creation checklist.

4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks | Get more engagement

The first task is; To reply to the comments and messages. If you want to build an engaged community and differentiate yourself from other people, you need to reply to your messages and comments on a daily basis.

It may seem like a no-brainer to some of you, but when I audit social media accounts and ask how they can get more engagement, I see tons and tons of unanswered comments under their posts.

The thing that matters here is that people appreciate you doing it, and that encourages other people to comment on your posts as they see that you read the comments and want to have those conversations.

4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks | Get more engagement

Having a daily reminder to reply to my followers for 10 minutes is helping me keep this habit going, even though I am struggling to reply to every comment. You should be thinking about how you can nurture important relationships and potentially bring in more sales in the future and how you can build engagement and trust.

Sometimes a seemingly small conversation in your messages can lead to an inquiry email or a phone call. Don’t be afraid of any negative comments, and we are still on the subject of comments. Unless they are rude or offensive, it is not a good idea to leave them without a reply.

For any brand with a good social media strategy, you can hit them back with some snarky comments, depending on your brand communication strategy. You can also hit them back with a kind reply or a reply that acknowledges the issue they’re having or a reply that will put the attention on them instead of you.

When they’re done listening and taking in all the information they’ve been given, your customers will know they’re valued and cared about. They’ll appreciate the fact you’re trying so hard to improve yourself and your business and see it as a sign of how much you care about them and their experience with your company.

4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks | Brand online

The second task is; You’ll get a reaction to each mention if it’s part of the answer. Don’t worry if it’s not. These reactions are a big part of ensuring that we’re getting the right answers.

Protect your online reputation by understanding what people say about your brand online.

Media monitoring tools like Brand24 will cost more than many of us are comfortable spending, but if you don’t want to pay for it, you can still make it work for you. I like to keep a separate bookmark folder with all the different sites I can find potentially talking about my brand.

First of all, I add all of the shortcuts to mentions boards like the Twitter Mentions or the Mentions tab in the Facebook Business Suite – a.k.a.  Meta Business Suite after the refresh. Next, I bookmark links to any brand hashtags,  campaign hashtags, and any relevant hashtags.

4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks | Brand online

An example would be, that I have a hashtag for my cookery school in Amsterdam, but I also added things like #amsterdamcookeryschool even though it was not directly connected to the brand.

It is quite good to see your mentions and what hashtags are under them.

It’s always nice to get a chance to learn something new from someone who has more experience than you do.

If you have this mention and tag, I’d like to go beyond any relevant sites like your Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, or even job portals like Glassdoor if you hire people.

I’d recommend that everyone bookmark this folder and use it to quickly search for positive or negative links. It makes the reading experience much more pleasant. This way, you can act quickly, and it’s only going to take a few minutes a day max.

4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks | Activate your audience

The third task is; Post your image, description & add location. If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve added tags for brands & partners. Once you’re done with that, you should probably do a quick spell-check before you publish.

Apart from this, I’ve shared one thing not too long ago that you can do before the post goes live, which is to activate your audience.

The kind of people who always share my content, like and comment on all of my posts, are the kind of people that I love to engage with, apart from answering any comments.

4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks | Activate your audience

It is nice to give back and show your love and support by checking out their stories, engaging in polls, and leaving meaningful comments, given that you already have a good relationship with them.

I try to connect with people outside of my tribe when time allows, as I try not to spend too much time just engaging on IG. I engage with people interested in my content when they hang out at my place of business, and I have a few relevant hashtags saved where people who may be interested in my content often hang out.

It is a great way to connect with a new person, and you never know what impact they may have on your business or life.

4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks | See what competitors are doing

The fourth task is; I like this task because it helps you become more familiar with how other retailers are doing things. You can see what competitors are doing and how they’re making their products or services available to customers.

I follow the news to see what’s trending and if there’s something I should know about. I also look at what my competitors are doing and learn from them.

If you’ve been a part of our community for a while, you know how much I hate the word competition, so I prefer to think of it as looking at other contributors in our niche.

When you look at your audience, it’s good to figure out what they want and then give it. You might find that it’s very different from what they’re looking for.

You can understand what is missing in terms of content in your general niche and how you can be the one to fill that gap.

Since you will be able to see conversations in the comment sections, you will start to notice the general patterns, see what the audiences are looking for, and understand their struggles.

You can do staying relevant by checking what is currently happening on different platforms.

Despite having some content planned and scheduled ahead of time, you will be able to quickly insert yourself into a hot topic or jump onto a trend creating a lot of buzz in your industry.

4 Social Media Marketing Everyday Tasks | See what competitors are doing

It is a good habit to stay relevant, whether it is a hot topic you can address in your stories or great audio for your next reel.

In the ever-changing world of social media, it is quite a good thing that you will know what is happening, even if it does not result in a funny RTM post or a viral reel.

I want to include some of the tasks you may not be doing daily but can be a great addition to your weekly or monthly list.

If you are serious about growth and finessing your strategies, I recommend you keep track of your statistics across all social media platforms.

You can do this on a weekly or monthly basis, and you will be able to identify what kind of content is most popular with your audience.

It is easy to think of ways to exploit it and produce more of what works to replicate your success.

If I don’t do it every week, I like to update my calendar every month. That is how I can always reference specific pieces of content, search for something quickly, or reuse my content.

I have this task in place that will allow me to keep my content calendar in order if I miss any links or information at the stage of creation or publishing.

It will be easier to plan your content if you have a planning session each month, as you will be able to populate your content pillars with plenty of new, fresh ideas.

Mapping out content for a month is a perfect way to stay organized once you have all of your ideas there. I am not talking about sitting down and executing all of that content in its entirety.

Knowing what formats and pillars you have in the pipeline will allow you to hit all the important points your audience needs to hear about.

This makes batching content easier since you know exactly what needs to be done! What tasks would you add to a content creator checklist? Are you going to try any of these in your day-to-day? Let me know down below in the comment section!

In conclusion, there are a few things you can do to become a more effective content creator. The first thing you need to do is to stay organized. By creating a checklist for your day, you can keep track of all the tasks you have to complete and be more efficient in the long run. You can also protect your brand image by using social media. You can create a personal brand on social media that will make you more recognizable and trusted.

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