Social Media CTAs That Will Boost Traffic

Social Media CTAs That Will Boost Traffic

Social Media CTAs That Will Boost Traffic. Copywriting is an integral part of growing and scaling your business.

You need more than just writing to build a business.

Content marketing is a growing trend that cannot be ignored, especially on YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Social Media CTAs That Will Boost Traffic | Powerful and proven CTA

This article will show you how to make the most of your social media content using a powerful and proven CTA that follows the Rule of Three: RLS.

And to help you to make it as easy as possible for you.

We will teach you everything we know about how to market smarter, grow your online business and write killer copy. You’re welcome if you’re new to the crew.

Social media is one of the most important parts of any brand’s growth and scalability strategy, whether your business or brand is big or small.

Social Media are being used by over 4.5 billion people across the world. These platforms can help you attract new leads, build brand awareness, and connect with your current customers like never before.

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to social media than just increasing the number of likes and followers.

A good rule of thumb when deciding what kind of content works best for your business is: If you could post it to social media, will it generate enough attention to converting?

Call to Action or CTAs (Click This Link To Learn More) are used to attract and engage your audience. You need a high-converting call to action to get your readers to take the next step with your content.

Social Media CTAs That Will Boost Traffic | Three goals trust, lead, and sale

Your call to action is the language you use in your captions that tells your readers what to do next, whether to like or subscribe like I just asked you to do a few seconds ago, or to share or to download or sign up or to buy?

You always, always, always want to give your audience a way to do something because here’s the thing: every social media CTA is an opportunity to create more trust, a lead, or a sale.

That means every post needs to include a call to action that speaks to one of these three goals.

This is a great example of the rule of 3TLS, trust, lead, and sale.

What would it take for a business to work for your audience? We’ll examine the three elements of trust, rapport, and engagement.

Social media can be used by businesses in many ways. Although gaining more leads and driving more sales might be the end goal of using social media in your business, that’s not what you should primarily be using social media for.

It’s a shocking thing, right? Because here is the thing.

Social Media CTAs That Will Boost Traffic | Powerful and proven CTA

People are not on social media to be sold something for every second of their user experience, right?

People are on social media for one of three reasons: to learn something new, receive inspiration, or be entertained. That’s all there is to it!

Your buying part is secondary, but you’ll be able to do much more if you have your sales funnel working in a much more efficient and effective way.

This means that if you want to build a business that gets you consistent paying customers and sticks around, you will have to focus on building trust, rapport, and engagement with your audience first and foremost.

And that means that you absolutely don’t wanna end every single post with a buy from me, or download this or sign up here, right? Your CTAs need to be kept super casual and easy for people to engage with for these posts.

It can be as simple as a double tap if you agree, or something a little more complex than driving engagement and comments like, share your thoughts below.

And those are two great CTAs to have in your back pocket at all times. But I find that certain CTAs perform better than others depending on the type of content you’re posting.

Social Media CTAs That Will Boost Traffic | content promotion, education, inspiration, and entertainment

So let’s get a little bit more in-depth here. Assuming you follow the four pillars of content promotion, education, inspiration, and entertainment.

The internet is full of copywriting tips and tricks, but none are as useful as your social media captions.

Everyone should be posting on social media every day… but if you want to grow, scale, and get more visibility, that is.

You’re right. Social media is like science; it’s complicated.

I collected all these creative writing prompts, writing hacks, and CTAs that I used to grow my own brand’s Instagram account.

Write your captions with the right words, and grow your brand with the right images. Get more leads and land more clients!

But a good Call to Action (CTA) for an educational blog post is to ask people to “save” it on Instagram.

“So when people save your content, it tells Instagram that it is super valuable.

And by doing this, your posts will show up in a higher search ranking for even more keywords and, therefore, show up to even more people, which results in an

If you want your customers to read your posts and share them, here are some things you might want to say to them.

Social Media CTAs That Will Boost Traffic | content promotion, education, inspiration, and entertainment

Social Media CTAs That Will Boost Traffic | The 4 Pillars of Content

The content you share on social media should include four pillars.

Remember to keep it balanced. You don’t want too much of one pillar and not enough of the other pillars—otherwise, the roof will crumble.

You should post at least a few posts per week to stay active and relevant on your site.

So if you post four days a week, you’d post a different pillar each day, rinse, and repeat!

 The Four Pillars of Content

Promotional Posts – You’re clearly promoting your product or service to your audience.

Educational Posts – You’re delivering mad value in the form of free education, entertainment, or inspiration.

Personal Posts – Fact: People buy from people they know and trust. These posts are your opportunity to build rapport with your audience.

Engagement Posts – These are your short CTA posts. Long captions are awesome, but you don’t want every post to be a book. Keep some of themshort, sweet, and to the point with a clear and concise CTA.

1. Promotional Posts Writing Prompts:

Here are some prompts to use as the start of your caption. Expand on these to sell and promote your product/service. What’s the difference between [where your audience is now] and [wherethey want to be]? Want to [your solution]? Wondering what the ultimate solution is to [BIG PROBLEM]? Go from [problem] to [solution] in [X steps, X number of days, etc.] How to [fix their problem]

2. Educational Posts Writing Prompts:

Here are some prompts to use as the start of your caption. Remember you’re delivering free value here, BUT you need to leave an open loop, so they want to take the next step with you. Give them the what, not the how. 5 ways to [something they want/need] Discover how to [solve a specific problem] Want to [solve a problem]? Here’s how… Do you know the difference between [thing 1] and [thing 2]? [Share static of specific problem]

3. Personal Posts Writing Prompts:

Here are some prompts to use as the start of your caption. No mention of your product or service in these posts. These posts are purely to build trust and rapport. Five books I read this year (or 5 books on my reading list) A day in the life of [your business/title]. Hey to all my new followers! Here are X things you might not know about me… Why I [something you do daily] 5 ways I [de-stress/unwind/relax] 

4. Engagement Posts Writing Prompts:

Here are some prompts to use as the start of your caption. These could be questions of the day, inspirational quotes, motivational stories, or whatever you want! The goal is to encourage engagement in the comment section! And remember—relatable & fun! Can you relate to [common fear, pain, or problem]? Feeling unmotivated to [achieve solution]? Try this… Who else [common feeling or situation]?! Do you ever feel like [pain point]? Every time I [pain point], THIS is how I [overcome pain].

CTAs Every single post should always include a clear and concise CTA. And it should always be the last thing your audience reads on your caption.

TIP: The CTAs you use for personal & engagement posts can be more casual!Remember, you’re not selling your audience on anything with these posts—so keep your CTAs light and fun to encourage engagement!

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