Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success. If you’ve previously used the Audience Insights tool in Facebook Ads Manager, you may have noticed that it’s no longer available. You may have also realized that some of your cold traffic audiences are no longer performing in the same way they used to.

Or you might just be looking for new and improved ways to target a cold audience with your Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or other types of ad platforms. In this article, I’m going to walk you through all of the considerations you may want to think about when creating these new cold traffic audiences and the specific tactical steps to set them up.

If you stick around to the end, I will show you how you can be more intentional about your testing and structure that testing campaign to make sure that we can still get the most bang for our buck. We can find those winning audiences. We can continue to use these ads to grow our businesses.

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success | what industry are you in?

With the changes that have taken place after iOS 14, specific audiences will no longer perform as they used to. Many of these are going to be interest-based audiences and behavioral audiences. We’ve got to get creative in the way that we think about our audiences.

The first thing I’d ask you to think about is what industry you are in? Who is the typical consumer for this type of product and service?

Most of the time, you will find crucial demographic data on gender, age, and location. The next thing you want to consider is, is this a product or service that people have a long-term need for, or is this a quick, immediate need that they need to be filled?

The next thing I would ask is what interests my audience may have that would be tracked on the platform are? We know that billions of people are using Facebook. They’re using Instagram, and they’re using other platforms owned by the same company.

And that activity is still tracked. They’re posting about things on their profile, pages they like, and something they’re commenting on. All of those things are attributed to that person to compile their interests, demographics, and the types of products and services they may be interested in. This is easier for some businesses and industries than others. For example, if I am in the beauty industry, I sell makeup, there are many pages on Facebook discuss them.

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success | Create Audience

That gives Facebook firsthand data on what someone is interested in. Now let’s look at another example. If I’m selling socks, how often are people engaging with posts or pages? They may love socks, but they are not telling the world we’re engaging with pages related to that. If you are in an industry with excellent firsthand data, those audiences may not be impacted at all.

If you are in one of those alternative industries, this will be really important for you. The first thing we’re going to do is log into Facebook Business Manager, and we’re going to navigate using the left-hand toolbar to the Audiences tab. We’re going to create some more broad single interest-based audiences. If you took those initial steps that I talked about at the beginning of this article, you know this is a widespread interest that purchasers of your product and service will have. Let’s go ahead and click Create Audience.

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success | Create Audience

We’re going to be looking for a Saved Audience this time. Select people living in this location. The next option is going to be, what location are you looking for? What I want you to think about is the most significant potential audience size. So you may think that 10 miles around your location is the only pool of customers you have, but let’s expand that a little bit.

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success | Create Audience

Go 25 miles, maybe more. You might think that certain states will primarily be your audience, but let’s go the entire United States. We want to make this a bit broader, so we have more people in these audiences and more opportunities to find some of these winning audiences for your cold traffic. So I’m going to type in United States for this example, and for age and gender, I’m also going to get specific here. The model that I’m using would be a belt company.

This belt company sells college sports team patterned belts. They also have other patterns that are not college sports that are great for people going to the country club or maybe you’re into horses. People who like to dress up and have a little bit of fashion flair. So that is their primary audience. So we’re seeing a heavier concentration of women; we’re also seeing a much greater concentration of people, about 30 to 60.

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success | Detailed Targeting

So this will be my first of four. I’m going to select age 28 to age 40. We’re just going to go with women on this one. For Detailed Targeting, this is where I’d be able to select a lot of different options. Sometimes people select hundreds of different interests and putting them in a single audience.

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success | Create Audience

That is not what we want to do here. If any given audience is winning, we want to know why it’s winning. Is it because of that one interest? Is it because of the age range? Is it because of gender?

So in this one specifically, I am just going to type in college basketball. It’s not the focus of what they sell, they’re a belt company, but they sell products to people who love college football and college basketball. Those are the specific interests we’re going to start with. This will be called females 28-40 College Sports and hit Create Saved Audience. And I’m going to click the little checkbox next to that audience that I just created.

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success | Create Audience

And then I’m going to select Edit. It’s going to bring up the exact same audience that we just set up, but now we’re going to be making one significant change. I’m going to change the age range. So I’m going to set this from 41 to 65, and I’m going to create a new audience from this. When you do that, it’s going to pull up a dialog box with the audience name, and we want to edit this name to reflect that change we’ve just made.

Then I’m going to hit Save. The next step is to repeat that one more time. I’m going to take that 28 through 40 audiences, click at it, I’m going to leave all the other settings the same. So, in this case, I’m going to type in golf. Save As New, change the name.

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success | Different Characteristics

Instead of the word college sports in this audience, I’m simply changing it to say Golf. And we’ll repeat that once more, changing the golf audience to 41 through 65. So now we have four saved audiences. The first custom audience that we’re going to create is based on your paying customers. Let’s go ahead and click on the Create Audience button at the top left, and we are going to build a custom audience.

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success | Create Audience

We then select Customer List. The more data you have in the file you’re going to upload will give you a higher likelihood of Facebook matching those users with a Facebook or Instagram profile. They then can see all of these different characteristics based on the other data they have, which will make it much easier for them to find other people who look similar to their demographics or their interest or those other attributes that you’re searching for. It now gives you a couple of different options. A button to import directly from MailChimp could be a straightforward option for you if you have MailChimp.

You can download a file template, but ultimately, as long as your file is in a CSV format and has headers at the top with the information in separate columns, you should be able to upload this without a problem. So I’m just going to click the Next button and continue. It’s now going to ask you if you have customer value. That’s going to tell Facebook who are the customers that have spent the most with you? Who are your best customers?

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