Instagram's New Features

Utilizing Instagram’s New Features To Increase Reach

For those of us using Instagram for personal or business purposes, the platform is constantly evolving with new tools and features to help us increase our reach, engage our audiences, and create engaging content. With these new tools, Instagram is making sure that businesses, creators, and influencers have the tools they need to succeed. In this article, we will discuss how to utilize Instagram’s new features to increase reach and create engaging content. We will cover how the feed changes and the shift toward video are affecting content. Additionally, we will look at how the interactive tools and insights can help you analyze and maximize your content performance on Instagram.

New Features

New Features

Instagram has recently released several new features to help users better engage their audience and increase their reach. These new features include an updated Stories format, Instagram Live, and a new shopping experience. Each of these features are designed to give users more control over their content and help to drive more engagement from their followers.

The Stories format has been updated to make it easier for users to include content from other applications, as well as allow for a customizable design for each story. Additionally, users are now able to use GIFs and music within their stories to add a more dynamic element to their content. By utilizing these features, users have more control over the look and feel of their stories, and can create content that stands out from the crowd.

Instagram Live is another new feature that allows users to broadcast live directly to their followers. This can be a great way to engage with followers and interact with them in real-time. Live streaming can be used to share behind-the-scenes moments, answer questions, and give followers a better look at the user’s day-to-day life. Additionally, users can now set up mini-events within their Live streams, such as Q&A sessions or live tutorials.

Finally, Instagram has launched a new shopping experience that allows users to shop directly within the app. This feature allows users to browse items from their favorite brands, and make purchases without ever leaving the app. This makes it more convenient for users to shop, and can lead to increased sales for businesses.

By utilizing Instagram’s new features, users can create more engaging content, drive more interaction with their followers, and even increase their reach. With the right strategy, users can maximize the potential of these new features and reach a larger audience on Instagram.


One of the most exciting new features to come out of Instagram in recent years is IGTV. This powerful platform allows users to upload longer-form videos and share them with their followers. For businesses and influencers looking to increase their reach, this feature provides a great opportunity to reach a broader audience in a creative way. As people become accustomed to the features available on IGTV, many are beginning to use this platform for content creation, advertising, and more. With IGTV, businesses and influencers can easily create engaging content that will attract more followers and increase their reach.



Reels on Instagram are one of the newest features the platform has to offer, and they can be used to great effect in order to increase your reach on the platform. Reels allow you to quickly create 15-second clips of music, lip-sync, or any other type of creative content, and to share it with your followers. When used strategically, Reels can be an incredibly powerful tool for boosting visibility, engagement, and even conversions. For example, you could use Reels to make a video highlighting one of your products, or to create an educational video that showcases your expertise in a certain area. No matter how you choose to use it, Reels can help you achieve your reach and engagement goals on Instagram.


One of the best ways to utilize Instagram’s new features to increase reach is by regularly creating and sharing Stories. Stories allow users to quickly post updates, videos, photos and polls to their followers in a quick and engaging format. Instagram Stories offer an innovative way to interact with followers and keep them engaged with content. They are also an effective way to reach a wider audience by tagging people and brands, as well as using Instagram’s various features such as hashtags, filters and stickers. Sharing Stories is an excellent way to reach out to new followers, foster engagement, and increase reach on Instagram.

Interactive Tools

One of the most effective ways for users to increase their reach on Instagram is to utilize the platform’s new interactive tools. Through engagement-generating features such as polls and quizzes, users can boost their organic reach and gain more visibility for their content. These new tools not only allow users to interact with their audience, but also help them understand the preferences and interests of their followers. Additionally, the Instagram Stories feature enables users to post interactive photo and video content that further increases their reach and engagement. By utilizing Instagram’s new interactive features, users can easily increase their reach and build a larger following.

Increasing Reach

As more and more businesses turn to Instagram to increase their reach and customer engagement, staying up-to-date on the platform’s constantly evolving features is an essential part of success. Instagram just released several new features that offer more granular control of how you can interact with your followers, making it easier to target specific audiences and build better relationships with customers.

The first feature is Story Highlight Reels. This feature lets you organize your past posts into “highlight reels” that stay pinned to the top of your profile, allowing users to quickly access your best content. It is a great way to drive traffic to your older posts and remind potential customers of the quality content you have previously produced.

The second feature is an enhanced shopping experience. By integrating with retailers, Instagram now allows users to purchase products without ever leaving the app. This makes shopping much more convenient and allows businesses to reach potential customers who would not have had access to their products before.

The third feature is a more interactive comment section. Now, users can “like” comments and start conversations with other commenters. This provides more opportunities for customer engagement and allows businesses to collect feedback from their customers.

By utilizing these new features, businesses can better reach their target audience and build relationships with their customers. The more businesses understand and use the features available to them on Instagram, the more success they will have in increasing their reach and customer engagement.

Creating Engaging Content

Creating engaging content is essential to increasing your reach on Instagram. If you want to take advantage of the platform’s new features, there are several ways to do so. Use Stories to share behind-the-scenes glimpses into your business. Take advantage of Boomerang and its looping videos for creative promotions or fun updates. Finally, make sure to utilize Instagram Live if you want to engage with your audience in real-time. By utilizing these features effectively, you’ll be able to increase your reach on Instagram.

Making the Most of Your Content

It is no secret that Instagram is a powerful tool for increasing your audience reach. But are you making the most of this platform to maximize your reach? To get the most out of your content, you need to take advantage of the platform’s new features. From Stories to Reels and Live streams, new features can help you connect with a larger audience and spread your message further. Utilizing these features allows you to engage with your followers on a different level, creating a more personal connection with them. So take the time to explore all that Instagram has to offer and use its new features to your advantage to increase your reach.

Monitoring Your Performance

One of the most important things to do when trying to increase reach with Instagram’s new features is to monitor your performance closely. Tracking how your content is performing and responding to engagement is essential to ensure that your efforts are paying off. Use the analytics available on the app to gain insights into how your content has been received and adjust as necessary. You can also set up notifications for specific activities on your page and track any comments or messages you receive, letting you know when your content is being noticed by your followers and potential followers. By closely monitoring your performance, you can continue to make tweaks to your strategy and capitalize on the new features Instagram has to offer.

Tools to Engage Audiences

Tools to Engage Audiences

As the world of social media continues to evolve, Instagram remains an often-used platform for engaging with audiences. While the basics of creating content and making connections remain the same, the platform has implemented new features to increase reach, grow followers, and better engage with audiences.

One of the most useful tools for increased reach on Instagram is hashtag targeting. By using hashtags that are relevant to the content, Instagram users can increase their visibility and reach new audiences. By researching popular, trending, and relevant hashtags, users can make sure their content is seen by more people. Additionally, users can also create their own branded hashtags to boost recognition and recognition of their brand.

Another great tool for increasing reach is the use of stories. Instagram stories are short-form content that can be used to engage with followers and those outside of the usual follower base. By creating content such as polls, questions, or even short videos or photos, users can give followers a unique experience and get their content seen by more people. Additionally, users can also add hashtags and tagging accounts to stories to help increase visibility.

Finally, Instagram Live is a great way to engage with followers and create connections. Live videos can be used to show followers what is happening in real-time, answer questions, or even just create a more personal experience. Live videos are shown to more viewers than regular videos, and users can also add hashtags and tagging accounts to their video to help increase visibility.

By utilizing these tools, Instagram users can increase their reach and better engage with followers. By doing research, creating quality content, and utilizing hashtags and tagging accounts, users can make sure their content is seen by the right people. At the same time, they can create a more personal connection with their followers by using Instagram Live, stories, and polls. By utilizing Instagram’s new features, users can create engaging content and reach more people.

Live Streams

One of the best ways to boost the reach of your account on Instagram is to take advantage of its new Live Streams feature. Live Streams allow you to broadcast live video footage directly to your followers. This allows your followers to communicate with you in real time, making them more aware of what you are doing and helping you to increase your reach. Additionally, you can use Live Streams to share new products and services, provide new insights and more. By taking advantage of Instagram’s Live Streams feature, you can easily increase your reach and connect with your followers in a more engaging and meaningful way.


Stories is one of Instagram’s newer features, but it can be a powerful tool when it comes to increasing reach. Stories allows users to post content for 24 hours and add text, stickers, and more to further customize their content. Because stories appear at the top of the newsfeed, it’s an effective way to get your content seen. Additionally, businesses can create ads within stories, allowing you to further target and reach specific audiences. Utilizing Instagram’s new features can help you increase your reach and get your content seen.



One of the most popular new features on Instagram is the IGTV, which allows users to post longer-form video content. This feature has the potential to provide businesses with an opportunity to reach a wider audience through extended video content. Business owners can use the IGTV to post longer tutorials, product reviews, and behind-the-scenes footage that can help to increase their reach on Instagram. Additionally, longer video content gives businesses the possibility of placing more targeted ads on their videos, extending the reach even further. Utilizing the IGTV feature is a great way for businesses to increase their reach and engage more with their audience on Instagram.

Tools to Analyze Performance

As part of increasing reach on Instagram, it is essential to analyze performance and track changes. By tracking changes over time, you can better understand what works and what does not. Fortunately, Instagram provides tools to help you do this.

One of the most useful tools is Instagram Insights, which provides detailed analytics on posts and stories. Insights gives you a detailed breakdown of likes, comments, views, reach, impressions, engagement rate, and more. With insights, you can track how well your content is performing and make adjustments to help increase reach. Additionally, you can track the performance of individual posts, stories, and campaigns, making it easier to fine-tune your strategy.

Another great tool for tracking performance is Instagram’s Demographics tool. This tool provides insights into who is interacting with your content. You can see the age, gender, and location of your followers, as well as information on their interests. With this information, you can target content more specifically and increase reach.

Finally, Instagram now offers the ability to compare performance. This tool allows you to compare the performance of different posts, stories, or campaigns. With this, you can see which type of content works best and make adjustments accordingly.

Overall, Instagram provides a suite of tools to help you analyze performance and increase reach. With these tools, you can track changes over time, gain insight into your followers, and compare performance of different content. By using these tools, you can fine-tune your strategy and gain a deeper understanding of what works and what does not.


Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms, and its recent updates can help you increase your reach. From its Stories feature to Reels and IGTV, there are plenty of opportunities to create engaging content and reach a wider audience. By utilizing the new features and remaining consistent in your content creation, you can increase your reach and get more people to discover your work. Additionally, Instagram offers insights that can help you better understand how your content is performing, allowing you to refine your approach and improve engagement. With Instagram’s new features and insights, you can leverage the platform to increase your reach and get closer to your goals.

Audience Insights

Audience insights are an invaluable tool for anyone looking to maximize their reach on Instagram. The platform’s new features make it easier than ever to access actionable insights on user engagement and behavior. You can use the insights to understand who is engaging with your content, how they are engaging, and what type of posts they are interested in. With this data, you can tailor your Instagram content strategy to reach your target audience more effectively, increasing the overall reach and engagement of your posts.

Utilizing Instagram’s New Features

Instagram has become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. It is a great way to share photos and videos, keep in touch with friends and family, and increase the reach of your brand. With the new features added to the platform, it is now easier than ever to increase your reach.

One of the most powerful new features added to Instagram is Stories. This allows users to create a series of photos and videos that remain visible for only 24 hours. The great news is that all users can add hashtags and location tags to their stories, helping to further increase their reach. Additionally, Stories can be shared with other users and stay on your profile for up to three days, giving you the opportunity to reach even more people.


Another new feature that can help increase your reach is the ability to tag other accounts in your posts. This is particularly useful if the accounts you are tagging have a large following. Additionally, you can add links to your posts, allowing your followers to easily access more information. You can also add a link to stories, which will allow you to direct people to an external website or other profile.

Finally, you can use the new Explore tab to increase your reach. This tab allows you to search for relevant topics and hashtags, giving you the opportunity to engage with new users and grow your followers. You can also take advantage of the Trending tab to find out what topics are popular and gain more likes and follows.

By utilizing the new features offered by Instagram, you can increase your reach and grow your fan base. Spend some time experimenting with the different features and see what works best for you. With the right strategy, you can quickly and effectively increase your presence on the platform.

Feed Changes

One of the most exciting new features of Instagram is its Feed Changes. With Feed Changes, users are able to customize their feed to ensure that only the most relevant content appears on their page. This allows them to increase the amount of engagement they have with their followers and increase their reach on the platform. Users can sort their feed by the most recent posts, or they can filter by certain topics or hashtags. This makes it easier to find the content users want to see, and it also increases their overall reach. Additionally, users can now hide posts they don’t want to see and can save posts they’d like to look at later. All of these new features make Instagram an even more powerful tool for businesses and individuals looking to increase their reach.

Push Toward Video

In recent years, Instagram has taken steps to become more video-friendly, making it easier for users to create and share video content. Now, with its new features, users can take advantage of this new push toward video to increase their reach and visibility. Instagram Stories has been particularly popular in this regard, allowing users to quickly share video updates that expire within 24 hours. Recently, Instagram has also added the ability to share 60-second videos in the feed, allowing longer content to be shared with followers. Additionally, users can now add filters, stickers and text to their videos to make them more engaging. With the increased amount of video content on the platform, businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of these new features to increase their reach and engagement.

Tools To Create Content Within the App

Instagram is continuously innovating and adding new features to improve user engagement and help them reach more followers. One of the most powerful tools that Instagram provides is the ability to create content within the app. Instagram’s mobile app allows users to take photos, record video, upload existing photos, and even create stories with a combination of photos and videos. With these tools, users can create engaging and eye-catching content that can help them to increase their reach and engage with their followers. Additionally, Instagram also provides a range of editing tools, from filters to text and drawing tools, that can be used to further enhance content and perfect it for sharing. With all these tools, creating content on Instagram is easier than ever before, allowing users to reach even more followers with their message.

Keeping Fans Engaged

As Instagram continues to add new features, it provides businesses with the opportunity to keep their fans engaged in unique ways. One such feature is Instagram Stories, which allows businesses to share short videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of Instagram Live, which lets them go live with their followers to answer questions, host Q&As or give a demonstration. These are excellent ways to increase reach and foster engagement with existing fans. Use these tools to your advantage and you can be sure to gain new customers and generate more buzz about you and your business.

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