LinkedIn Content Strategy 2021 | Part 1

LinkedIn Content Strategy 2021 | Part 1

LinkedIn Content Strategy 2021. Are you unsure of what to post for your business on LinkedIn? I’ve got you. This article will cover the top strategies for post types that are utilized on LinkedIn. And at the end of this article, I’m going to share one post that you can make today that will get you a ton of engagement. As I mentioned, we’re going to think about LinkedIn differently.

And the way to get started is to think about it compared to other social media platforms out there. A quick note: I’m speaking broadly about the social media platforms I’m about to share, and they are generalizations for how the platform operates. Let’s compare Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn when it comes to how you post your content. Facebook has an energy that has self-eye focus. We tend to use the word “I did this,” “This happened to me,” and it has very self-interested energy.

And on Instagram, it has that at us, you-energy. When you think about influencers on Instagram, they want you to click on the product. They want you to know what they’re up to. LinkedIn has a we-energy. We want to be spoken with.

When you’re creating posts and content inside LinkedIn, it’s a collective team, peer energy voice. So think about your colleagues and peers and how you would speak with them, and that’s the type of energy we want to see in a LinkedIn post. The best tip that I can give you to impact your LinkedIn content strategy is to replace the word professional with leadership instead of thinking of LinkedIn as a professional place to put content.

Create a container of leadership voice that is peer-related, and you will have a very successful content strategy. Let’s start high-level and think of several content strategy categories that you can lump your content into, and then we’ll get into more specifics.

LinkedIn Content Strategy 2021 | Industry Insights

The first one is industry insights. The best way to think about industry insights is relevant news in your industry, but you share your different opinion as a company or a brand. Another example of an industry insight is all pertinent conferences or Event or podcasts you recently listened to that you’re able to share as a post. The next category is storytelling. We want to see some behind the scenes of your business, we want to get access to your team and what is happening, and we also love hearing your experiences and stories.

Share the action-oriented type of posts, showing the before and afters, or a team that is attending a conference. The last category is to be relatable. What I mean by that is sharing things that are either humorous ways that we can relate to you through the books you’re reading or podcasts you’re listening to. We must recognize each of these categories has a human element. An essential takeaway through each category is that we wanted access to your thoughts and insights on current articles and news.

LinkedIn Content Strategy 2021 | Industry Insights

We wanted access to your team and stories, and what is happening, and lessons learned through your business. Next, let’s share a quick post formula that you can plug all of your LinkedIn content into. Open up with a hook. What that means is a value-based statement that the audience knows why this post will matter to them. The next part of the content formula is the intriguing line.

The goal is to get people to click on the See More button to expand the entire post. In that intriguing line, we want to know if you’re about to tell us a story, give us something relatable, or give us your insights into a news topic. And the last part of the formula, which is the juiciest. Give people a call to action. You have earned the right to that call to action.

What I mean by that. You’ve given us the value. You’ve told us what they’re about to get in the intrigue. You deliver it, and then you provide us with something to do. Either that means booking a call or directing people to click on one of the buttons you created above on your company page.

One bonus tip is to use that call to action to match the language you used in that short tagline we created for your company page. If you want to check out the full LinkedIn company page and how to make that tagline, we’re going to link that in the description below. We now have the language you’re going to use. We have the categories that work the best, and we have the post formula. So let’s get into the content types.

LinkedIn Content Strategy 2021 | Content Type

This first content type is something that most people do not think about, but I’m going to give it away to you; commenting. I want to clarify that you can comment out in the newsfeed as a company page as your company brand. That is something that many people do not realize and don’t take advantage of. The easiest way to engage on the platform and comment is to first reply to comments already happening on your own content. The next best place for your company to comment is to engage and reply to people already tagging your brand and your company in their posts.

LinkedIn Content Strategy 2021 | Content Type

And the final easiest way to comment as a brand is to go out in those community hashtags where your content is already trending and continue to pop up and get visibility for your company brand within those three community hashtags that we generated. The following content type is sharing. When you share content on LinkedIn, it gets more visibility when you add your own opinion. That is the value that your ideal client wants to follow and engage with on your company page. Another great way to think about LinkedIn content sharing to your company page is to go out and see what your team is creating on their individual profiles as content.

For example, if you have a CEO or even an intern making content on their personal profile on LinkedIn. The next one is text-only. Posts on LinkedIn are only three lines. The text-only post has five lines, and then you can open up the rest of the post. So that is the only difference I wanted to point out between text-only and all the rest of the posts on LinkedIn.

We have an image with a text post. Sow authentic photos instead of stock photos. We want to connect with you and your brand, and you should take advantage of that by sharing authentic images with your branding. The following content-type is external links, links that go out to news features, blog posts, and YouTube videos. LinkedIn is different than the other social media sites.

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